The Island Universe Theory

  • Strong Relativity –  the theory presumes that the vast cosmos we observe is not a singular, unified, coherent entity. Rather it is recognized as a vast collection of only partially overlapping matter-energy systems, inherently unknowable in extent, which does not comprise a unitary system in any physically meaningful sense. It follows that the cosmos cannot be successfully quantified as a unified system. Consequently all reference frames are local and there does not and cannot exist a universal reference frame of any sort. The unitary “Universe” is the unacknowledged, foundational concept most responsible for the absurdity and incoherence of the Standard Model of Cosmology.
  • Complementary Reference Frames – there are two distinct and complementary types of reference frame necessary when attempting to accurately model physical reality:       
  1. The three spatial (3D) reference frame of matter.
  2. The four spatial dimension (4D) reference frame of electromagnetic radiation.
  3. Space and time are characteristics of matter-energy phenomena. They are not independent, free-standing entities in and of themselves. Independent space and time are reified human concepts that have outlived their usefulness to science.

Features of the Island Universe model

  • Does not require a big bang, inflation or dark energy to account for observations. Dispensing with those empirically unsupported and ad hoc features of the Standard Model of Cosmology is one of the principal intents of the proposed IU theory.
  • The cosmological redshift is accounted for by a relative gravitational effect on the expanding spherical wave-fronts of light emitted from galaxies and other distant sources. That gravitational effect is a consequence of the interaction of an expanding wavefront with the matter it directly encounters in the course of expansion. The gravitational ‘field’ causing the redshift is, therefore, relative only to the 4-dimensional expanding spherical wave-front. The mechanism for this effect is the inter-entanglement of all the photons comprising the surface of the sphere. Generally speaking this suggests that all gravitational phenomena are a consequence of matter-electromagnetic radiation interactions and therefore, there is no need for a separate and distinct force of gravity acting in the cosmos.
  • The absence of a universal time means that as we 3-dimensional, material observers gaze outward at the universe, the 4-dimensional cosmic tableau that confronts us displays all the stages of galactic evolution from birth through youth, middle and old age (quasars, active, normal, and elliptical galaxies).
  • The 3D/4D structure provides a framework for replacing the quasi-mystical description “quantum weirdness” with a rational and coherent explanation for the results of the double slit experiment and related quantum phenomena.