Just Another Island Universe

“The time has come”, the Walrus said, “to talk of many things…”

Lewis Carroll

[Herein, a rough guide to the logical structure of the disparate pieces on this site. This is an ongoing project with additional entries to come.]

This is a simple site with simple intentions. Its first purpose is to restore a scientific perspective to our modern cosmological and quantum-scale models, both of which have succumbed to mathematicism. It will be argued here that mathematics has supplanted science in the halls of the scientific academy, nowhere more egregiously than in the fields of cosmology and quantum physics.

Its second purpose is to sketch a framework for a new cosmology and quantum physics built sturdily on empirical foundations. To that end the Island Universe Theory is proposed and elaborated on.

What’s wrong with the Standard Model of Cosmology? Many things. Stated in the most general terms the model does not resemble the cosmos we actually observe. How this situation arose will be the proper study of scientific historians but without too much elaboration we can trace the foundational errors of the model to the advent of the General Theory of Relativity in 1915.

Over the following 15 years the theory was elaborated and applied to the entirety of the ‘universe’. The extent of that ‘universe’ was unknown then and remains unknown to this day, though the size of the observed cosmos has increased by many orders of magnitude. The idea that this vast cosmos comprises a singular, unified, coherent entity is dubious, simplistic, and scientifically naive given our current knowledge.

Also, General Relativity, as it is now commonly construed by physicists, contains a fundamental conceptual error that is as limiting to the theory as Ptolemy’s central conceit that the earth is the center of the universe. The concept of spacetime is simply excess mathematical baggage that confounds our attempts to compose a rational physical model of the cosmos.

The recognition that space and time are not physical entities but merely human concepts abstracted from quotidian matter-energy processes undermines the modern conceptual structure of General Relativity but frees us to note that the cosmos consists solely of matter (defined as that which has rest mass), and electromagnetic energy, nothing more. This in turn leads to the understanding that all observed physical phenomena are based solely on matter-energy interactions and those interactions revolve around the dimensional differential that distinguishes matter and electromagnetic energy from one another.

If anything, quantum physics is in even worse conceptual shape than modern cosmology. This is because the taxonomy of the quantum world, as envisioned by the theorists, is even more heavily populated with imaginary entities than the Lambda-CDM cosmological model.

There is a graphic displaying the seventeen currently posited ‘fundamental particles’ here. Of those, ten (all six quarks, the Higgs, W, and Z bosons and the gluon), have never been directly detected. Their existence is either inferred from the observation of other, common particles or is simply posited as features of the standard model. The standard model of particle physics is another mathematical fantasia that does not resemble observed reality.

And now, recent observations have begun to throw doubt on the dubious dark matter and dark energy propositions that are integral to the standard models. It would seem only a matter time before those standard models are washed away by their own irrelevance to a proper scientific investigation of the nature of physical reality.

Andromeda Credit: GALEX, JPL-CaltechNASA

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